Web Designer & Digital Content Publisher

Hello World, I'm Jessica Grubbs. Front end projects, SEO, Markdown, EPUB, and hierarchy design are my bread and butter. Currently learning Three.js and Greensock JavaScript animation, my goal is to design for the modern person, a responsive, interactive, and beautiful work of art.

As a former coastie, I can be found near a beach with a laptop and a cup of coffee. A wild homeschool mom, I am inspired by the freedom to explore and learn as much as I can. I take these qualities with me as I journey through my code. Welcome to my page.


Take a moment to explore the projects below spanning front-end design to generative art. Hover over a tile to learn more or visit the project using the "visit site" button. Enjoy!

Uncle Buddy’s Phantom Funhouse : Reconstruction

Web Developer and UX Design Team, 2022
• Collaborated with a team of developers to reconstruct the hypertext novel with HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript
• Designed modern gameplay interfaces that feature animations and interactivity

Fear of Coding

Multimedia Designer, 2022
• Collaborated with a team of designers to publish a how-to guide on overcoming the fear of coding
• Designed a sleek layout and created multimedia images through DreamStudio

Legacy of Kobe Bryant

Developer, 2021
• Developed a responsive highlight reel built with parallax featuring autoplay elements

Napa Valley Wine Fest

Multimedia Designer, 2021
• Designed a poster in Adobe Illustrator that features a vintage wine label

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird

Front-End Developer, 2020
• Designed and implemented a one page website that features a poem by Wallace Stevens

Birthplace of Classical Legends

Web Developer, 2021
• Implemented MapBox API to develop a visual interface focusing on classical music
• Features famous music and a short biography of the top ten composers

The Patch Logo

Graphic Designer, 2021
• Designed a logo in Adobe Illustrator for a pumpkin patch

World of Generative Art

Web Developer, 2022
• Developed a website showcasing a series of generative art
• Coded generative art using Processing sketchbook
• Produced video loops with Adobe Premiere Pro

Platform Manager

UX Designer, 2022
• Designed with Adobe XD, a detailed mobile and desktop prototype for an application that seamlessly joins all accounts into one platform


Let's build something beautiful together.